Old / New Minds

The aim of the Old/ New Minds Program is to encourage new methodologies for enabling people with dementia and Alzheimer’s to claim their own independence of thought and action through visual, expressive means. The intention is that in recognition of the continuing need for new policy initiatives in dementia care, each resident will shadow the director of the program, Oliver Schultz, in his clinical visual arts centred work with a view to assessing the possibilities for learning, dialogue and progress in empowering people with dementia. Residents will be invited to organise a seminar or present a short lecture on their work and ideas as part of the ‘Hours of dusk’ program – a public discussion forum on dementia, art and society. In terms of accommodation, each resident will live in a self contained space adjacent to the directors house in Wiesbaden.

Application guidelines

Prospective candidates are invited to submit applications to the Society for Curious Thought throughout the year. There is no deadline. The duration of attendance is negotiable between the applicant, the selection panel and the director of the program.

Applicants are asked to include the following -

• a letter outlining the applicants current work/ area of research

• a resume

• the names of two referees

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