Nadja Bournonville

An attempt to question, to explore and turn ideas into images. To connect, collect, arrange and wait for the surprise of the final image. To follow every lead and not know the way. Harry Houdini and staying calm, the body and the skin as the last outpost, Svankmajer, Surrealism, the balance of things, the heart and Fransesca Woodman, falling and vertigo, Moyra Davey, Roland Barthes and time, Joseph Cornell, looking, reading and searching, Medea on a sea of troubles and Faust with “the beautiful moment, do not pass away”, expectations, reality, play, building your own world, The Dance of death, Hans Holbein, Rilke, the dusty shelves of Marsh’s library in Dublin with books so heavy two people must lift them together, Magritte and the double, Virginia Woolf and the waves, Memento Mori and photography, “The book about Blanche and Marie” by P.O Enquist and the importance of: why? and at the end of it all “That was perhaps something, so he had learnt something but if one didn’t know what to do with it, then again it was nothing after all” writes Kafka in The Castle and me, me with a heavy rucksack a dizzy head and the past, the present, the future.

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