Mikhail Karikis

esimorP (extract), 2009

Coined by critics a ‘sound alchemist’ (Le Monde), Mikhail Karikis has developed a vocabulary which fuses performance art and music. With classical-music studies in his native country Greece, in Architecture at the Bartlett and in Fine Art at Slade School (UCL), Karikis’s interdisciplinary work is embraced by the art gallery and the concert hall. One aspect of his practice explores the voice as a sculptural material, exploiting its formal potential, while another challenges the relationship of the voice to the politics of the male body, masculinity and language. In his recent compositions, often called by Karikis ‘Vocal Impossibilities’, the vocalist faces a contradiction or an impossibility, and the struggle to overcome it becomes the performance.

Karikis’ collaborators include visual artists (Sonia Boyce, Zineb Sedira), choirs (Alamire, Cantamus), pop-musicians (Björk, DJ Spooky),
fashion houses (Prada, Rozalb de Mura). His work is released by Sub Rosa, and has been shown at Tate, BAFTA, Nederlands Dans Theater, Milton Keynes Gallery and elsewhere.

IMAGE: Sculpting Voice -A, 2009, Mikhail Karikis (photo by Thierry Bal)

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