Liz Hingley

‘Under Gods’

Stories from the Soho Road

Over the past fifty years the UK has become a fiery melting pot of different religions.

‘On the Soho road people are conscious of their faith rather than where they came from. People used to say ‘Oh I am from Bangladesh, Pakistan or Poland. Now people say ‘I am a Muslim, I am a Sikh, I am a Hindu, I am a Catholic, this is my identity’.

Asian Anglican woman priest, Soho road, Birmingham

I lived with and documented diverse religious communities, including Rastafarians, the Jesus Army, Sikhs, Hari Krishnas and Thai Buddhists, all living on the one road

Religion is having a larger impact on society throughout Europe as immigration increases. I am currently continuing the project in an area in Paris. As with my work in the UK I hope to show the reality and intensity of different lifestyles in urban areas in Europe and the beauty Religion brings to everyday inner city life

Embassy of the Lord Jesus Christ is God, University, Bible College, School, Institute Kingdom of Heaven, government of the almighty God promoting the website…….God gave me this title for my shop.
104-105 Soho Road

‘I have a best friend named Hassan, but I have a problem there is a bully and he keeps saying Christians cant play with Muslims or Hindus’
Six year old, Jesus army community

I bless my fridge; I put my hand on everything and bless it
Sikh housewife, Soho Road Gudwara