Gautam Kansara

Health, Wealth, Name and Fame

In Health, Wealth, Name and Fame (Rangpur) I piece together my journey to Rangpur, the remote village in India where my grandfather was born. A year after his death, I find myself a guest in his village meeting distant relatives for the first time. The soundtrack accompanying the piece is made up of an amalgamation of conversations, recorded over the past 6 years and digitally pieced together, where my grandfather is remembering his village and dreaming of going back there. My grandfatherrecounts details of growing up as the youngest of nine children in a family of straitened circumstances, going to boarding school in Bombay and having the chance to start his professional career in London. Orchestrating the conversations by prompting my grandfather to reminisce with a trove of old photographs, the final soundtrack untangles his recollections and assembles a previously lost history.