Elisa Pardini

Vertical City – a collaboration with Ludovico Laura

A skyscraper is more than just a building – it is a potent symbol of the contemporary city. These structures immediately speak about modernity and progress, with an architectural language based on the notion of ‘no-scale’. Their characteristics risk inducing a less than sympathetic perception, in addition to a reversal in perspective of the classical and traditional way to live. Socially, skyscrapers cause real problems to metropolitan residents because they break connections between people and the city, seemingly with no understanding of social needs.

Our skyscraper intends to answer these problems, creating a vertical city, taking care of the actual, functional needs of the traditional city through the realisation of a designated public square for every level. This results in visual and physical connections between people and the architectural elements which our city model proposes. The skyscraper is generated from two elements taken from its double meaning, in the sense of ‘architecture’ and ‘ the city’. On one side, it has originated from an architectonical module based on technical solutions for typological and structural problems that will create squares and views overlooking buildings. On the other, it originates from a study about an urban module, recognising all the functions required for a harmonious urban environment. This aggregation is suggested in a vertical dimension.

The objective is to re-create spaces like the antique agora or like the traditional old town centre, where the user can feel sensations of belonging and comfort. These places, access routes to all destinations (residential, work and entertainment) inside the skyscraper are intended to replicate normal social interraction and become the fulcrum of the entire structure. The result is a building with twelve overlapping levels with the integration of functional buildings. Every square will have a typical and definite identity made from different combinations of public, private and green spaces.