Daniel Lehan

25 March 2010 – Dartford Rail Station – 7.23 – “Princess Anne is coming here‚” two station staff talking to each other. 16 March 2010 – 21 Bus – Old Kent Road – 8.42 – “Mummy why are we going backwards?‚” a small girl to her mother. 24 February 2010 – 21 Bus – Old Kent Road – 9.01 – “Yes the usual funeral . . . a few beers . . . a few punch ups!” man on his mobile. 13 January 2010 – 21 Bus – Great Dover Street – 9.13 – “We cant throw snowballs. We cant make snowmen. Whats the point of snow? ” a small boy to his mother. 19 October 2009 – 21 Bus – Great Dover Street – 10.46 – “I was not lying to you last night” says a woman talking on her phone. 17 October 2009 – 453 Bus – Elephant and Castle – 12.07 – “Too many pockets and not enough memory says a woman to her friends as she searches for her bus pass. 25 July 2009 – Northern Line Train – 14.55 – A young woman opens a carrier bag marked costume hire and pulls out a plastic cutlass and an eye patch which she puts on laughing. 15 June 2009 – 436 Bus – Peckham – 16.13 – Woman answering her mobile – “No I am happy with my husband no I have never ridden on the back of a motorbike who is this?” 20 May 2009 – Guys Hospital – 9.05 – Sorry I cant make next weeks appointment – as part of my job I have to do a trampolining workshop 17 August 2008 – Sheffield to Manchester Train – 13.13 – Man speaking on mobile – “Had a horrendous journey I’ll get off at Marks and Spencer and get some fruit” 5 July 2008 – Edinburgh to London Train – 15.32 – Train Announcement – “Can the owner of the musical instrument in Coach F please collect it?” 2 July 2008 – After popping a yellow and a blue balloon tied to a railing a man raises his arms and performs a victory jig. 30 October 2007 – 21 Bus Old Kent Road – 13.58 – A young woman holds open a musical score and sings as she annotates its pages. 25 October 2007 – Leicester Square Tube Station – 12.07 – Station Announcement – “Is there anyone at this station who speaks Romanian? If so please go to a member of staff at the ticket barrier” 8 October 2007 – Train from Whitstable to London – 22.20 – “Dodgy meal last night” a man says to a fellow passenger as he makes his way to the toilet. 2 August 2007 – Northern Line Train – 13.08 – In a crowded carriage a young man and woman stand, noses touching, eyes closed, silent, moving to the rhythm of the train. 13 May 2007 – London Bridge Station – 7.50 – Young man talking on his mobile “F _ _ _ You! How hard is it to remember a black top and blue jeans?” 26 April 2007 – Central Line Train – 16.15 – A carriage full of school children as the train pulls into Bethnal Green Station, a teacher shouts “You are in enough trouble as it is. I am not prepared to have this conversation now! 22 March 2007 – New Cross Road -11.45 – A puppy wearing a plastic bottle on its front left leg to keep a bandage dry on its paw waits at a bus stop with its owner. 13 March 2007 – Liverpool Street Station – 17.50 – A newspaper seller calls to another “What do you want?” He replies “World Peace!” the other calls out “Theres too many people in the world for that!” 6 March 2007 – Foot of escalator at Liverpool Street Station – 17.36 – A blind busker whistles ‘You Dont Have To Say You Love Me’ 3 March 2007 – Train arriving at Charing Cross Station – 10.18 – Woman talking to her friends “I like to read the Court Pages to see if I know anyone … and The Deaths” 28 January 2007 – New Cross Gate Rail Station – 11.30 – Man Man holding a large bunch of blue and pink balloons steps nimbly on to the railway track to retrieve his black cowboy hat. 27 September 2006 – Building site at London Bridge Station 15.50 – A man plays ‘Keepy-Uppy’ with his yellow hard hat. 6 September 2006 -Charlotte Street WC1 – A suited young man holding his left shoe in his hand hops across a pedestrian crossing. 26 July 2006 – Canada Water Tube Station -18.30 – Station Announcement: “Cleaning staff please ignore the previous message, the bucket of water is no longer required” 22 July 2006 – Shenfield to Liverpool Street Train – 9.50 – A woman walks slowly through the carriages holding a Bible in her hand preaching “Today is the day, tomorrow is too late, Jesus loves you so much. Today is the day, tomorrow is too late, we are all sinners, whatever you have done, Jesus will forgive you. Today is the day, tomorrow is too late” 20 July 2006 – Jubilee Line Tube Train – 17.20 – A man opens and reads a ‘Sorry You Are Leaving Card’ he smiles as he reads the messages. ‘To Bryden’ is written on the white envelope. 6 June 2006 Tube Train – 12.35 – A man bends down and gently adjusts his sleeping childs tiny pink socks. 17 May 2006 DLR Train Stratford – 8.35 – Woman on mobile “Yea, we need some guns. I can take my water pistols and spray everyone!” 26 April 2006 W19 Bus Leyton – 17.38 – One woman to another “Look, that dog has got a gammy leg!” Her friend replies “Why do pigeons always have gammy legs?” 23 April 2006 London Bridge Station – 16.18 – Man to woman “He told me that he found himself in an oxygen tent, when he was just about to light up a cigar!” 20 April 2006 Saint Pancras Station – 8.42 – Man standing on the station concourse, holding a thick black book, uses a green highlighter pen to block large sections of text. 6 April 2006 Manor Park Road E12 – 18.00 – Woman exclaims into a mobile “What, he wants me to pluck his eyebrows?” 19 March 2006 Romford Road -10.15 – A man picks up a largish piece of broken paving stone from the pavement, and drops it noisily in a rubbish bin. 12 March 2006 Central Line Stratford Station – 21.11 – A young man stands in the carriage of the train, shouting “I do not want you to go to Hell, because Jesus loves you!” 8 February 2006 Central Line Liverpool Street Station – 17.16 – Woman holds a personal horoscope, a page of which reads DEALING WITH PROBLEMS IN YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP. 26 January 2006 Liverpool Street Station – 22.15 – Drunk woman leaning against a wall saying repeatedly to a man “What have I done that is SO wrong?”

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