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In her investigation into the world of newspapers, focussing on recurring features and personality ticks that may reveal truths or fictions about these mediated bodies, Alex Dipple is starting to develop satellite projects like ‘Do you know Delroy?’ and “Do you know Chris? which parody requests for personal information about a leading character in a sensational tabloid story. Using words so familiar and coded that they have lost connection with meaning, these found phrases are like cultural blind spots, though, ones the artist has now chosen not to ignore. The work describes pressing concerns about the believability of an accepted truth. It aims to interrogate proof and undermine authenticity. This can be seen in the re-shaping of visual information and an obsessive blocking of language. Newspapers manipulate and define the collective consciousness through intimate, daily, one on one intervention. Alex Dipple does nothing but reflect this back, through a lens, darkly.

Do You Know Chris?

It was pretty scary and shook me up a bit but I didn’t think much of it till…1.

A girl has gone missing. No one knows if she’s alive or not. Sicko. 2.

To look at him you wouldn’t think he was a ladies man. But he was a smooth operator.

Now I’m questioning our friendship.

He just seemed a normal bloke.

If I did it again, I wouldn’t chose him. 3.

He has always had a dark side.

…no great shock.

…did strange things showing no emotion…

…eyes like chips of ice.

…vile eyes.

Things happened between Chris and I that I will never forgive him for. I hate him.4.

I trusted him totally. I have given his number to at least five young women telling them to use him to get them home safe and sound. Thinking of what they say he has done makes my blood run cold. 5.

He is a hardworking man. I said hello to him a few days ago. He used to put the dustbin out for me. 6.

…not strange at all. 7.

He’s just a nice guy.

He’s a decent fellow.

He was very professional at his job.

Always on time, and the customers loved him.

He was always suited and booted and looked very smart. 8.

It was tricky last night in the dark. 9.

Nobody deserves to go through that…10.

…some taxi drivers were offering free lifts out to the site. 11.

…Swindon will sadly miss you. 12.

Do You Know Chris?

Source materials compiled by Alex Dipple

1. The Guardian 23/03/11 One 28-year-old woman came forward to report that two men tried to coax her into a car in Swindon at 10:15pm on Saturday night.

2. The Sun online 26/03/11 Natasha and Carissa Halliwell respond to a joke on a social networking site before their father arrested.

3. The Sun 26/03/11 Friend Aaron Body. Chris was best man at his wedding.

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6. The Daily Mirror 26/03/11 Friend Brian Jerome.

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9. The Daily Mirror 26/03/11 Detective Chief Inspector Sean Memory.

10. The Guardian 23/03/11 James McMurray. Interviewed searching Savernake Forest.

11. The Guardian 24/03/11 Mobile records show Sian O’Callaghans phone in Savernake Forest 30mins after leaving Suju Nightclub

12. The Mail 26/03/11 A poster a Suju Nightclub.

Do You Know Delroy?

It took me a while before I accepted he had done those things. 1.

 Now I realise there was a lot I didn’t know about him. 2.

People say he was a charmer, a nice guy, a regular bloke.

There was a lot of surprise when he was arrested. 3.

In the early stages of their courtship Grant would shower her with flowers and gifts… 4.

…the feel of your gloved hand… 5.

Why should they be suspicious?

He was a perfectly pleasant guy” always polite and helpful; a familiar figure at the Royal British Legion Club… 6.

…he always wore gloves. 7.

He could be charm itself…

He was charming and sophisticated. I thought I’d found my soulmate. But then the violence started.

After his temper had subsided he went back to being the same charming guy he’d been before, as if nothing had happened.

She said he was obsessed with cleanliness and would fly into a rage if the house was untidy. 8.

He would often sleep during the day. 9.

…they slept during the day and stayed alert at night. 10.

Even now I still respect him for the way he looked after his wife.

…he was so kind to her and so gentle.

I never saw him lose his temper or heard him say a single swear word.

…we thought he was a good man: humble and cool.

It was an exceptionally tidy home. There wasn’t a speck of dirt and nothing was out of place. He did that himself. 11.

…he was “gentle” with them… 12.

….that nice man. 13.

…a charming and handsome man, who was always dressed smartly in expensive clothes. 14.

Do You Know Delroy?

Source materials compiled by Alex Dipple

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Alex Dipple