As a diverse international association, the Society for Curious Thought encourages intellectual discovery, collaboration and new opportunities for socio-cultural transformation in a conscious and creative way with informed opinion and curious thinking through the finest writing, photography, film and music. We share with each other our various societies as individuals and as a wider community which means our common interests are well served through also sharing knowledge, developing mutual understanding and promoting cultural exchange. Our values are those of liberty of conscience and freedom of opinion on matters of a practical, speculative, scientific, moral and theological nature. Across science, religion and the arts we are a community of the mind whose vital function is to discover and articulate the functions of tomorrow, an independent association creating a fertile ambience for new knowledge in which the best of what is thought and imagined can flourish – writers, musicians,, physicists, bio-chemists, philosophers, neurologists, engineers – a reservoir of talent and intelligence, a spur to our imagination, creating a fertile ambiance for new knowledge and understanding to create an independent climate in which the best of what is thought and imagined can flourish. We offer a vital source for curious minds outside of conventional categories in the form of concise essays, personal manifesto for change, short films, visual images and musical scores which is an essential source of vibrant thinking, new writing and ideas. We can foster engagement and open discussion between members of diverse communities and continuously consult with individual and collective intelligence on an experimental basis, enabling people of all creeds and religions to create a new dialogue in order to present information and ideas not only to each other but also to a wider public, to promote values of co-operation in a conscious and creative way and so make a significant contribution to international understanding. As a supercategorical socio-cultural organization, the Society for Curious Thought is encouraging people to think in all directions, to reflect on their own inspirations, aspirations and experiences, to how we live now and to enable each and all of us to create a better vision for the future as we imagine it can be.

Simon Marriott FRSA

Associate Directors
Heike Roller, Oliver Schultz

Contributing Editor
Leslie Deere

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