Shirl Jackson

Fairness, as far as it can exist, is the result of opportunity which allows each person to seek his/her own objective of fair. That kind of opportunity comes from commerce pure and simple, since only commerce creates wealth (even small amounts of it) and only wealth provides taxes sufficient enough for fairness to be pursued on even the roughest of equal ground. So, commerce first, opportunity follows, taxes follow. Taxes and wealth properly invested back into society creates the only thing we humans can even begin to call fair. But watch out: since there can never be fairness, we must settle for the next best thing – access to opportunity. Free enterprise is the best delivery system because it motivates, it drives people to act in their own best interest and the automatic result is better lives for us all, unless government wants to interfere with regulations that are well intended but damaging; the unintended consequences defeat the best of intentions.

Shirl Jackson, 
Owner, jackson consulting

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