Robin Smith

Define fair. I am the archetypal Planet Saver, and nothing important ever happens to me. The central question I am avoiding neurotically is: “Who am I, where do I come from and where am I going? ” The peripheral question I am furiously asking is: how can I help others, how can I save other people, how much charity can I be seen to be doing, how much reward can I get for saving the planet, what payment can I get for giving my love. If ‘I’ do not yet know who I am in reality, that is, I am unwilling to look in the mirror after dissolving all my fears, anxieties, lusts, etc, such that I can see the real ‘Me’, how can I possibly know the meaning of the term fair? My first duty to the world as a ‘drug addict of inauthentic love’, is to admit I am a drug addict, before projecting more of my addiction into a wasteland of charity. My first duty of ‘fairness’, is to discover who I really am and affirm my complicity in the world. I know how to do this more than anything else I know, I’ve always known – to give authentic love, in secret, without expectation of reward. Then how great is my opportunity to help others? And if the 99% were to take this medicine, would the planet still need saving? The struggle for me is this: “Everyone needs help with their addiction – except Me.” I know this is inauthentic too because I immediately start trying to save the planet again. Can you see how extraordinarily difficult this is for me? I am refusing to look inside to affirm who I really am. I am determined to look outside and project what I do not like about me onto you. I am the archetypal Planet Saver, and nothing important ever happens to me.

Robin Smith, CFO, MeltFund

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