Rayan Bekdash

As long as there is corruption, we will never have a fair society. Individuals are not being treated equally. Trespassing rules and laws for the advantages of some people. While others had no choice but to accept it and apply it. In colleges at work even in hospitals. Where the leaders the directors the people who should rule the system. Plays with the rules for their own sake. People don’t have same opportunities – to afford a proper education, in applying to jobs. People should be treated equally no matter what race you are, where you come from or how much money you have and of course what religion you follow. The right to keep your passport with you. While working in other countries. Human rights: laws had been written, countries have signed. We learned all about it in schools and even at colleges. But in reality many and many of these human rights laws are not followed. If they were applied. Maybe people wouldn’t still suffer from things that should have been treated very long time ago. Some people would fight for their right for the last breath others would just surrender feeling helpless.

Rayan Bekdash, Graphic Designer, Marsam Mattar

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