Peter Marchetto

Let us consider some of the things it is not, and take it from there. It is not rich people evading their taxes because tax is theft, while not setting their employees up with offshore tax havens because someone has to pay for the police they want to call up if they’re in trouble, the roads they want to drive on, national defence. It is not people with enough money buying up media outlets to disseminate propaganda in their own vested interests as ‘news’. It is not – speaking here of the UK – trying to work out how to solve an economic crisis by restricting the money of the bottom 10% of the society with 1% of the nation’s wealth, while doing little about tax avoidance and evasion in the top 10% of society with 37% of the nation’s wealth. It is not trying to justify one’s own superiority over others to such an extent that one tries to justify receiving more as a bonus than many will earn in a lifetime as a reflection – in any way, shape or form – of ‘merit’. It is not the world’s richest continent in terms of physical resources being the world’s poorest continent in terms of the impoverishment of it’s inhabitants. It is not the artificial inflation of the housing market because so many properties are in so few hands, the owners renting those properties out and trying to justify rent increases on the basis of the inflation of the housing market, then buying still more houses to inflate it still further. What is not fair is an oligarchy. An oligarchy is what we have and an oligarchy can never be fair. The question for me is how long we’re going to stumble around this maze without exits before people start breaking down the walls?

Peter Marchetto, Writer

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