Melanie Mitzner

Fair, to various members of our society, leaves room for interpretation, which is why we do not yet have a fair society. Greater equity among all populations, equal access to education, job opportunities at living wages, adequate universal health care are all necessary, sustainable components. But the real question that divides us is how much is enough? If magnates, free enterprise and unregulated corporations ( e.g. Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness and the Military Industrial Complex – all multinationals ) paid their fair share in taxes, without the loopholes that release them from social and environmental responsibility, ample funds would be available to support entire nations in need, especially when unexpected tragedy strikes. Instead, these same entities not only lust for obscene wealth, they, along with their corrupt governments that support them, are responsible for many environmental disasters, the perpetuation of human trafficking and slavery, poor health, toxic air and water, contaminated food and shortages, violent uprisings and war. Now younger generations are being poisoned through addiction to all things material, as profit becomes the be-all, end-all aspiration of the 21st century. So what, one might ask, is within the realm of possibility to achieve a fair society? I can only envision one solution. Personal responsibility in every aspect of one’s life. The choice to act out of kindness instead of greed. To treat loved ones with gratitude instead of derision. To find opportunity in one’s daily challenges instead of feeling victimised. To engage in life instead of trying to escape it. When our intentions and our actions reflect our truest selves, we follow our dharma as we pursue our unique purpose in life, and put it out into the world undiminished by judgment. Therein lies the only way to change an unjust world into a free and fair society.

Melanie Mitzner, Writer

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