Jingan Young

WAIT FOR ME ( A scene )

Bar. Dawn. Anywhere. Everywhere.

WOMAN: Where was I?

MAN: Freedom

WOMAN: No, that’s not right.

MAN: Yes. You were going on about essence, outside, being, existence. Poetry.

WOMAN: Poetry?

MAN: Sounded like poetry.


MAN: You promised to read to me

WOMAN: “Promised”? You can’t be serious.

MAN: You promised and yes, I’m serious

WOMAN: And you feel entitled, that it?

MAN: It’s only fair

WOMAN: Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words.

MAN: That’s nice.

WOMAN: I don’t remember the rest. I mean, I used to, but -

MAN: I see

WOMAN: You do? ( beat ) You “see the real me”?

MAN: I don’t understand you sometimes.

WOMAN: I don’t understand myself


MAN: Where were you?


MAN: I waited


MAN: I waited for you.

WOMAN: You should stop

MAN: Stop?


MAN: I stopped.


WOMAN: What?

MAN: You took what doesn’t belong to you

WOMAN: Guilt

MAN: You don’t feel anything

WOMAN: I feel everything.

MAN: Why did you do it?

WOMAN: Because…

MAN: All’s fair in love and war?

WOMAN: All’s fair in love and –

MAN: I love you

WOMAN: You don’t, you don’t love me


WOMAN: I like shiny things, round things, things I can touch, that I can bite into. I am particularly fond of orbs.

MAN: So. You like things.

WOMAN: Funny. That’s funny. You’re funny.

MAN: You surprise me

WOMAN: I do?

MAN: I’d never imagine. I can’t imagine. You and Barthes, you being philosophical, the “meaning of life”.

WOMAN: What do you imagine?

MAN: I imagine you in a forest. Midnight. Alive. Brushing your finger tip against a blank page…

WOMAN: I can’t imagine you at all

MAN: You -

WOMAN: Don’t touch me

MAN: That’s cruel

WOMAN: Life is cruel. Life is unfair. Life is

MAN: Life is …


MAN: How?

WOMAN: How do you imagine us, here, now, in this space?

MAN: I don’t know.

WOMAN: Where are we?

MAN: I don’t know.

WOMAN: You don’t know.

MAN: No. But I imagine you do

WOMAN: When we imagine, we are free.

MAN: Who said that?

WOMAN: Our words are what sets us apart from the primitive. Language is freedom.

MAN: Before the loss, before the lost, before the time, before the dawn, before the feeling

WOMAN: Before God

MAN: I don’t believe in God

WOMAN: You don’t believe in anything.

MAN: I believe


MAN: I believe in human decency

WOMAN: What does that even mean?

MAN: Right thing. That people will always do the right thing.

WOMAN: Delusion – it does wonders for your complexion.

MAN: Thank you

WOMAN: I believe in words. That’s all. That’s all we have.

MAN: D’you hear that?

WOMAN: I don’t hear anything

MAN: Respect. What about respect? I believe in respect.

WOMAN: You think you’re simply a lowly subject of the universe, that when you look up into the sky, you feel what everyone else feels, you feel infinitely insignificant, minute, trapped within yourself, you are what everyone else is. You are them, they are you.


WOMAN: Shit.

MAN: Sorry?

WOMAN: It’s shit. Everything you’ve said, what you think about the world. That we stand united. That we are all the same. We’re not.

MAN: You’re wrong

WOMAN: And you’re right I suppose?

MAN: What a question

WOMAN: What question?

MAN: Soon

WOMAN: Soon?

MAN: Clarity.

WOMAN: I’d rather just watch the sunrise


Jingan Young, Playwright, Hong Kong & London

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