Greed, greed, greed is the big killer.

We are for globalisation based on different standards:

Global minimum standard of living.
Global minimum wage.
Global educational system (elimination of privileged private education ).
Global regulation of the real estate markets.
Global separation of religion and state.
Global medical system ( elimination of privileged private medical practices ).
Global mandatory reproductive counselling.
Global fair trade.
Global code of ethics.
Global legal standards and practices.
Global civil rights standards.

Transform private into national banking.
Transform hierarchies into meritocracies.
Transform stock markets into fair – trade markets.
Transform a finance based economy into a human needs economy.
Transform obligation into responsibility.
Transform morals into ethics.
Transform authority into reciprocal respect.
Transform nationalism into humanism that respects diversity & individuality.
Transform the religious into the spiritual.

Emphasise research into women’s health issues.
Encourage grass roots civil disobedience.
Implement a more equitable connection between the law and justice.
Eliminate the primacy of the visual ( would there be so much greed
killing the globe if we were all blind? ) Not that we’re advocating an
extreme, but a more evenly balanced, multi sensory approach to
communication, which, perhaps, could achieve much.

futuresystemsprojects ( Maia Damianovic & Andy Robinson )