David Michael Lieb

For me to discuss fairness in society I must first identify what I believe the top three obstacles to fairness: 1.Social justice (bridging cultural engagement, equal rights, colour and culture respect and engagement, understanding of the life span spectrum and changing psychology and physiology of ability, environmental awareness and understanding and participation); 2. Investment (across the socio-economic spectrum); 3. Pay equity; At the very essence of fairness, I believe, is a fundamental belief that all individuals within said society should have equal opportunities. That said, there is also a social responsibility or contract that all individuals must participate regardless of age or ability. Values across cultures should be investigated to link common threads and look for opportunities to engage across cultural, language and geographic boundaries. If we cannot identify commonality we certainly cannot work towards shared vision or values. Investment MUST require capitol from corporations and individuals that benefit from the use of a sustaining infrastructure that enables your workers to come to work, materials and resources to be shipped and received, finished goods and services to be shipped and sold for profit. This is inclusive of energy infrastructure, water, waste, roads, highways, air quality and emissions, et al. Much too frequently, residents are burdened with infrastructure costs while corporations and individuals profit without re-investment (in the US today I see this as a catastrophe in the waiting as a once modernised roadway system and bridges, ports are in disrepair due to decades of profits without re-investment).

David Michael Lieb, Architect, Artist, Educator, Fellow, Royal Society of Arts

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