Athina Meidani

What is the real root of the problem, of having a fair sociey that is? Is it a new political-economic model? After some time new ways will be found to evade taxation, a new privileged social/economic class will be created. We have seen history repeating itself for centuries. I think that every single point referred to as a “Don’t” for a fair society stems from fear. Fear basicaly means “I do not feel safe”, whether I am a person (either a worker or a potilician), a company, a state. And for some reason, in the human consiousness, safety is connected with needing more. More raw materials, more skills, more money, more power – anything that would provide an advantage over someone else (either person or country). Everything is based on competition, even our educational system – as if knowledge and truth is a prize winner. That’s why we still have wars, violence (in so many forms), famine, abuse. All the problems we face result from the fact that we have not yet found good solid foundations on which to base our societies. That’s why fear rules in everything that we say or do. Systems are imposed and so, even if, at their core they are just/fair (eg democracy), corruption will inevitably contaminate all manifestations of human activity. Humanity needs this principal awareness: we are all connected, all one. This is a consiouss shift inwards, rather than trying to change/affect external situations and circumstances. Change always comes from inside, on principles that are not merely taught, preached or believed in, but are experienced as truth.

Athina Meidani, Research Engineer at Grecian Magnesite SA

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