Atar Hadari

Opportunity, say some. Social welfare programs say others, though the Danes who have superb social benefits also have more alcoholics than most. I’d say what makes for a fair society is opportunity which is actually widespread, rather than in name only. The US was built on the ready availability of land when land was a means to independence, but a century later Lincoln found the only way to escape physical labor was to study law. Today the newspapers tells us that one in 7 people in Britain who has a university degree is an asset millionaire. I suspect most of those people got their degrees a while ago, they work for themselves and ( again, I imagine, though the study did not go into detail) they did not get a degree in the arts. Does that number of millionaires make this a fair society? As another newspaper story pointed out, millions in Britain now rely on food banks.

Atar Hadari, Playwright

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