Anne-Marie Melster

A fair society builds on common sense, on humility, smartness and respect. Each step you take should be taken focusing on the result whether it will bring good or bad to people, society, the environment and the planet. Think sustainable, whether, in the long term, your action will reflect positively or negatively, not only if you have the best outcome, don’t focus on profit maximisation but value maximisation. Inspire other people to act the same, share, be generous, not only materially but also mentally and spiritually. This behaviour creates a positive domino effect. Contribute instead of only take, refrain from taking advantage and from greed. Create a positive dream, find your mission and vocation. It will do you good in the end – and even better, it will help to initiate the systemic change we need so urgently.

Anne-Marie Melster, Guest Lecturer, University of Hamburg

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