Anat Reisman-Levy

A fair society is a society in which all people regardless of race, national origin, color, sex, age and income are fairly treated, meaningfully involved and have equal access to decision-making processes and mechanisms, to have a healthy environment in which they fulfill their potential.

In a fair society the Basic Human Needs of all people and communities for belonging (acceptance and recognition of identity), survival and security (in the broad sense of it), freedom (freedom for and freedom from) and well being (welfare society) are being met.

In a fair society the culture of domination, oppression and exploitation, militarism and sexism don’t exist, and the notion of justice (including environmental justice) is being taken into account.

In this society conflicts are being transformed by non-violent means.

Anat Reisman-Levy, Independent Consultant, Conflict Transformation & Peace Building

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