Ana de Macedo

First let’s start by considering what is not fair in society: Unequal distribution of basic resources, non merit based hierarchy and industrialized consumption which is unsustainable, corruption and perversion of the political class, mass media manipulation and enslavement of consciousness through obsessive consumerism. Therefore, for a fair society to exist, it would have to be on a micro scale, so that democracy in its true sense could exist – regular discussions could be held collectively on how resources were used. In a fair society, there would be no dehumanized industrialization, products and material necessities would be produced in/ for a specific number, in a limited series, maintaining sustainability as the highest ideal in production and consumption. A fair society would be based on real emotion and solidarity, not mostly on virtual competition and sharing. Sharing would be material and spiritual, not only visually virtual. There would be minimum waste, and the common good would take precedence over personal interests. Leading classes would be obliged to maintain transparency in all gains and losses, and there would be zero tolerance for corruption. All basic resources for human survival would be provided by the state. The best talents and inventiveness would be used to better the lives of everyone, and not corporations competing to profit from others. Access to exclusive resources, considered luxurious, would be through a merit based system where those who most contribute to the common good, would be most rewarded. In a fair society, the role of educators would be greatly rewarded, as the future intelligence of children and the young would depend on a solid and profound education based on human values, not mechanical profit and consumerism. Solidarity and generosity would be valued above egotism and material wealth. Education, culture and the arts would be of greatest importance while entertainment and consumption would be of less significance. Excessive consumption would be deemed self destructive and people would, therefore, seek to consume with utmost balance and respect for the biosphere and the interdependency of all life.

Ana de Macedo, Artist

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